Making sure executives in the health sector don't discard the value of well literacied employees
1.1 million people of the potential labor force in the Netherlands is illiterate? Half of these people are currently employed of which 25% in the health sector. The Reading & Writing Foundation developed a cure. This medicine box contains a program for executives to structurally incorporate language programs into their organization.
I shaped the progam into a form wherein these executives would stop and think about the urgency when it would arive at their desk.
The package is oriented towards executives, HR advisors and training coordinators in the health sector. the package consists of a ubs stick ( the wonder pill ) with which they can create their own plan. The manual contains a five step program with which the organization can work. The manual is also equipped with good examples from five care organization who are already actively doing things to fight illiteracy in their organization.
Special Thanks To Stichting Lezen & Schrijven ( reading and writing foundation ) and Renate Boere